Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course

The ONLINE Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course (click for a synopsis)

All Course content is available ONLINE but may also be downloaded in PDF format (and easily printed) so you do not have to be online to study. No physical product except certificates earned, are posted to students. All Assessment is delivered entirely ONLINE and is automated. The assessment which we have called Take the Test (top right in each component) consists of between 10 and 30 True / False and Multiple-Choice questions. There is one test for each of the Components of a course. Students may attempt these tests as many times as required until they have achieved the passing mark. Once a test is passed, it cannot be taken again.

How do I start with the Online course?
Try, without further obligation, the free component of our Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course
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The OFFLINE Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course (click for a synopsis)

Offline courses are completed in a paper-based/printed format. Students are sent their course material by post, for collection at their nearest post office/PostNet. Assignments are then completed by the student in his/her own time and sent in for manual marking by email. These 6 assignments (one assignment per guide book) constitute the full assessment and testing requirements for our courses. There are no final exams to complete and there is no graduation ceremony.

How do I start with the Offline course?

Register for free as Offline student with WildlifeCampus.

Upon registration as an OFFLINE (Paper-based) student, we will send you a return e-mail with the pricing options for the course(s) you have expressed an interest in. You will not receive a password, as you will have registered for a paper-based course.

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More info

What qualification comes with the course?

A Certificate in Field Guiding/Game Ranging.

Duration of the course?

Field Guiding/Game Ranging takes about 6-18 months depending on how much time you have available to devote to it. However, with no deadlines, you may take as much time as you need.

What are the Entrance Requirements?

None whatsoever. We have an open admission policy with no barriers to entry of any kind; anyone may register and begin any course at any time irrespective of your age, prior qualifications, disability or schooling.

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