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Explore Southern Africa like never before. Discover the geology, landscapes, night skies, botany, wildlife, ecology, ecosystems, and so much more!

WildlifeCampus offers the industry’s definitive field guiding/game ranging course. Covering over 3000 pages, this extremely comprehensive course is perfect for:

  • Wildlife enthusiasts who simply want to learn more about the bush.
  • Those entering the industry or looking to travel/work/volunteer in Africa.
  • Those who want to upskill their current knowledge and add value to their CV’s.
  • Those looking to fully prepare for their FGASA theory exams.

This course is written and based on the FGASA Specialist Field Guide syllabus, as outlined by The Field Guiding Association of South Africa (FGASA).

FGASA still require that applicants wanting to gain a FGASA qualification do the following:

  • Step # 1: Join their association
  • Step # 2: Write the theoretical examinations (Our Field Guiding/Game Ranging Course will fully prepare you)
  • Step # 3: Be practically assessed.
In this way, you can gain the required legal National qualification issued by CATHSSETA through FGASA.

FGASA is an Accredited Training Provider with CATHSSETA (The Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports Education & Training Sector) however, FGASA itself does not carry out the formal training programmes.

This is where the FGASA Endorsed Training providers, such as WildlifeCampus provide the training bridge.

You may join FGASA, write the exams and be practically assessed without having completed a WildlifeCampus course, but many candidates are found not competent (75% required), unless they already have good wildlife knowledge.

Certificates earned by completing the WildlifeCampus Guiding Courses do bear the FGASA logo, but do not provide the graduate with a FGASA qualification.

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