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WildlifeCampus does not offer practical training courses. Our focus is to bring you online, global learning solutions and theory preparation. Our Field Guiding/Game Ranging course fully prepares students for the FGASA theoretical assessment, which is essentially step one towards gaining the FGASA qualification.

However, for the next step, we go out of our way to seek, explain and recommend the best possible routes you can take to gain your FGASA Qualification. Practicals are run by separate companies and although advantageous, you don't have to be a WildlifeCampus student to participate.

Once you have passed your FGASA theoretical assessment, you will need to be practically assessed by a FGASA assessor.

You can go about practical training in various ways, but it is up to YOU, the student, to research and decide which route suits you best. It really comes down to your own personal preference, the time you have available, your location (or willingness to travel) and budget.

Full-time training

Endorsed Practical Training Providers, such as EcoTraining, offer various practical training course packages and highly recommend the WildlifeCampus Courses to be taken as theory preparation before starting practical training.

But, what if I cannot attend full-time training?

Endorsed Practical Training Providers, such as Bushveld Training Adventures, offer a practical and preparatory course, which runs over 25 days. This is the perfect opportunity for the WildlifeCampus students who have completed their theory, to take a shorter, but intense practical training course and complete the FGASA qualification.

This includes First Aid Training (another FGASA requirement) as well as the practical assessment.

Feel free to contact them directly for all their information, but please remember to mention that you were referred by WildlifeCampus for preferential booking.

View a full list of highly recommended FGASA Endorsed Training Providers.

Employment Advice

In addition to being a FGASA Endorsed Training Provider, we've been providing courses since the year 2000. Our courses are well recognized and accepted throughout the industry and we have hundreds of past graduates working at lodges and reserves all through Sub-Saharan Africa. Our courses will certainly be of great benefit and enhancement to your C.V.

We however, do not guarantee employment or seek out work for students. Neither can we comment on any work restrictions for non- South Africans.

All course offerings are certificate courses. Successful course graduates will have an industry recognized certificate posted to them.

We also highly recommend joining a relevant ONLINE community such as Facebush on Facebook. This is the perfect platform to get to know the industry, its various quality training providers and what will be required of you for employment in your field.

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